My favourite techniques are Oil on canvas and Drawing. I like to experiment with oil paints, and with the different techniques of laying the paint on canvas. I do my paintings using many layers thus trying to achieve the effects of depth, density and colour playfulness. I make printings as well.
I have participated in several international exhibitions since 1993, and I had several solo exhibitions.

Sometimes I have fun by making paintings on fired porcelain slabs. I have always had a strong passion for Ceramics and Photography.
Currently I am living and working in Budapest, Hungary.


Place and date of birth: December 11th 1970, Vilnius, Lithuania

Date and place of graduation:
1990-1996: Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Painting Dept.of Dora Maurer
1991-1997: Hungarian University of Design and Crafts. Ceramic Dept.

Selected exhibitions:
1993: Buy or Die, Ram Galerie, Arnhem, Holland
1995: Life in Vilnius, Gates Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
1997: Kutani International Decorative Ceramics Fair, Japan
2000: The Plate Show, Glasgow, Great Britain
2001: ST-ART Art Fair, Strasbourg, France
2002: XVII-th National Ceramics Biennial, Pecs, Hungary
2003: Who Wants to be My Art-Dealer?, Csok Gallery, Budapest
2004: The Ads Are On! I Gotta Take a Leak…, Csok Gallery, Budapest
2005: Sex, Life & Angels Series, Csok Galeria, Budapest

Works in Public Places and Collections:
2000-2003: International Ceramic Studio Collection, Kecskemet
2001: State Picture Gallery, Budapest
2001: Applied Art Museum, Budapest
2002: Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Budapest
2005: Lithuanian Embassy, Budapest

1999: Hungarian Aplied Art Magazine, 99/01, Veress Kinga
2000: Painted Clay: Graphic Arts and the Ceramic Surface by Paul Scott, A&C Black Publishing
2001: The Ceramic Surface Decoration: Contemporary Approaches and Techniques by Matthias Ostermann, A&C Black Publishing
2002: The Complete Potter by Steve Mattison, Quarto Publishing, London.